System integration and IT consulting

The success of any enterprise automation project depends on how effective the software is the solution to both the effective operation of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise as a whole. And this is understandable, because without the efficient operation of the IT infrastructure, the effective implementation of automated technologies is impossible. That is why when implementing our projects, we pay a lot of attention to the complex vision of the problem and provide services in the fields of IT consulting and System integration..

The choice of ways and methods of development of enterprise automation depends directly on the breadth of the ready-made spectrum information solutions and the variety of tools and methods for their development.

Information technology consulting services are twofold:

The first one.

it is an analysis and prediction of the results of the already created IT infrastructure, defining its life cycles and a plan of action to respond to changes, containing the necessary modernization and transition to new technologies.

The second one.

is the creation of systems and integrated complexes for the solution of perspective business problems with the most effective use of already existing (hereditary) IT infrastructure.

Both entities enable leaders to the fullest reduce the risk of making wrong decisions.

Our approach. It is the achievement of effective solutions in these two entities is the goal of IT Consulting and System Integration, effectively implemented by ABK Technologies.

In our understanding, this activity is as follow:

IT consulting.

it is a consulting and practical assistance to client companies in creating highly efficient information systems, as well as providing an adequate and professional service to the lowest-cost companies.

System integration.

is the automation of the customer's business tasks by creating an automated or telecommunications system integrated with the already existing customer systems in accordance with the described needs of the customer, the state of its infrastructure, prospects for business development in general and internal technical policies and business processes.


ABK Technology Solutions builds on cutting-edge technology from the world's leading IT solution providers, in particular, Microsoft's advanced system software vendor technology.

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