Investadviser web-portal

Веб-портал Інвестиційний консультант

Model of the web portal Investadviser.

A web-based investment advisor, the Investment Advisor, has been successfully created and implemented to help you navigate the tumultuous sea of ​​financial innovation. An experienced team of financial analysts will answer all your questions regarding investment strategies.

The easy-to-use interface of the Investment Financial Advisor's individualized financial web service. The content is filled with inexhaustible investment information.

The purpose of the project was to create a powerful commercial web resource that will serve as a personal web advisor in the field of investment activities, with a wide range of regular portal users.

The calculation of the optimal portfolio has become an interesting development of this portal, which takes into account the possibility of optimal diversification among a large number of investment funds managed by different asset management companies in Ukraine.

You have the opportunity to look at the evidence that actually relates to this development of the automation of the calculation of optimal portfolios, taking into account the ratio of risk.

In addition, another curiosity has recently come into operation, which will definitely be an invaluable aid for visitors to the investment portal.

Namely, a loan calculator is a convenient tool for calculating the cost of a loan, prepayment, repayment schedule and many other parameters.

With the help of a loan calculator it is possible to determine any of the key parameters of the loan, depending on the values ​​of other parameters. For example, to find out the possible loan amount based on the maturity and the monthly payment, or calculate the schedule of loan payments: annuities or payments under the standard scheme, etc.

The portal is built on a multi-part principle with a homepage and internal pages that displays content of the relevant section. The project is based on the Drupal Content Management Platform. Drupal is a powerful back end framework for various websites, from personal blogs to corporate and government sites. Drupal is also used in knowledge management systems and business collaboration. Drupal has a modular architecture with a compact kernel that provides an API that modules can access. The standard module suite includes features such as news feed, blog, forum, file upload, news picker, vote, search and more. The design of the site is also changed with the help of special modules - "design themes".

Development technologies.

Our specialists are proficient in all modern technologies of implementation of WEB projects, among them HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Flash, Flex, AS1, AS2, CSS, Ajax, WEB-2.0.

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