Necessary solution for beneficial price is the main principal of our company. In the following section you can get to know with all our solutions and products. Taking advantage of services of -Technologies, you certainly will find a necessary decision for Your company, and this section will help you in it.


ABK-Technologies carry out projects which correspond to high quality technologies and know-how requirements.

Our solutions

ABK-Technologies team skillfully develops and implements high-quality projects, and it should be mentioned that we never use monotonous and boring methods.

Our products

Our mission is to enhance the prestige of Ukraine on the global IT markets due to successful implementation and development of IT projects for our clients. We mean infrastructure development of ABK-Technologies maintenance, creation of modern instruments for efficiency rising and result of our partners activity.


System of the programs ABK-Medicine is created for automation of medical establishments activity.


Bright example of realized finished product - complex automation for commercial facilities activity based on 1C: Enterprise - the development economic software platform.


ABK-CMS (Control Management System) allows to simplify work with web-site content as much as possible.


ABK-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a system of automated products using bar code technology which gives an opportunity to automatize all store operations.