System integration and IT consulting

Project on automation of enterprise activity depends on development of effective programmatic decision and effective work of IT infrastructure.

Success of any project on automation of enterprise activity depends on development of effective programmatic decision and effective work of IT infrastructure of this enterprise on the whole. And it is clear, because without effective work of IT infrastructure, effective introduction of information technologies is impossible. That is why during projects realization, we pay much attention to complex vision of problem and provide IT consulting and System integration services.

Selection of ways and methods of development of enterprise automation directly depends on the breadth of spectrum of prepared informative solutions and variety of facilities and methods of their development. Consulting services at information technologies sphere have two essences:

• First – an analysis and results prediction of already created IT infrastructure, determination of its life cycles and working plan taking into consideration a reaction on changes which contains necessary modernization and transition to new technologies.

• Second – creation of systems and integrated complexes for decision of perspective business targets with maximally effective use of already available (inherited) IT infrastructure.

Both essences enable leaders maximally reduce the risk of acceptance of wrong decisions.

Our approach. Achievement of effective decisions in these two essences is the main purpose of activity in IT consulting and System integration spheres which is effectively conducted by ABK-Technologies. We understand this activity as follows:

• IT consulting is the consultative and practical help for company-clients in creation of efficient informative systems, and also providing of adequate and professional maintenance for companies with the least aggregate expenditure.

• System integration is automation of customer’s business tasks by creation of automated or telecommunication system, complex integrated with the already available customer’s systems in accordance with the described requirements, state of his infrastructure, prospects of business development on the whole and internal technical policies and business processes.

Partnership. ABK-Technologies base themselves on front-rank technologies of leading world suppliers of solutions in IT sphere, for example technologies of front-rank supplier of Microsoft company for system programmatic solutions.