Servises as UAB member

ABK-Technologies - the official BAS partner from 2017. ABK-Technologies have regular, certificated and highly professional specialists certificated by UAB.

ABK-Technologies - is official member of Union of Automation Businesses (UAB), that unites proffecionals in brench business automation, which uses modern business software solutions and developpers platforms to business automation including software solutions and services "BAS", "1C:Enterprise", etc.  

ABK-Technologies as UAB partner:

- gives help in optimum choice software products for Enterprise automation set;

- carries out sale and delivery for  Enterprise software products set;

- conducts installation, adjustment and implementation for Enterprise software products set;

- executes post-selling service for Enterprise software products set, including consulting and users training;

- provides with IT maintenance for Enterprise software products set.

Services in conducting complex automation of business processes and enterprise accounting, on the base of Enterprise  software products set is a particular activity category in UAB member.

This service includes:

- systematization and formalization of business processes on enterprise;

- determination of optimum accounting model of enterprise;

- preparation of project and its automation technical specification on a base of Enterprise and its arrangement with clients;

- development functionally complete automated system on a base of Enterprise;

- delivery, implementation and testing of the developed system, staff training;

- post-selling guaranteed and after guaranteed system control.

ABK-Technologies perform their own developments on the Enterprise software products set platform - at specialized configurations of Enterprise.

Developments of the following products were carried out in particular:

«ABK-Office» - complex system of enterprise activity automation.

«ABK-dental lab» - complex system of dental lab activity automation.

«ABK-service centre» - complex system of service center activity automation.

ABK-Technologies got author certificate #765 dated April, 23, 2007 on product «ABK-Office».

(look certificate).

Automatization for more than 20 enterprises was accomplished on the base of software products - «ABK-Office» and Enterprise.

More detailed information about projects which are based on 1C: Enterprise, you can find in our Portfolio.

Opinions of customers and users of UAB services.

Separate web-site is devoted to UAB member activity in ABK-Technologies - sab.abk-technologies.com.