WEB-projects development

Any web-project allows his owner to get irrefutable advantages in presentation of its own project to potential users.

Any web-project allows his owner to get irrefutable advantages in presentation of its own project to potential users. We will present only the most important among them:

1. Instrument of attraction of new users.

Even the most «neglected» web-page has 1-2 new visitors per day, accordingly it is 365-730 new people per year who will get information about your project.

2. Company image.

Web-design is very important in nowadays. To work without your own web-site the same as to go for business meetings without business cards.

3. Virtual office that is opened 24/7.

Where, except web-site, is possible to know actual information about a company at any time, about its products and services.

4. Corporate web-solutions.

Corporate web-portal creates comfortable and functional instrument for users in order to access to corporate resources of company from any place of the world and enabling effective work out of office limits.

From year 2006 “ABK-Technologies” works at the project development market, realizing projects of different complication and offering wide range of services to their clients, which are connected with creation of own representation in the Internet. We have a great experience in creation of web-projects, both web-sites and clean informational and functional web-portals. Among our clients are business and state corporations. More detailed about our realized projects you can read in our Portfolio.

We offer. ABK-Technologies offers a wide range of services in designing, creation, technical and media-support for web-projects – everything what is needed so that web-site of your company was created according to all rules and standards and maximally executed all functions reposed on it.

  • our analysts will conduct a professional analysis and then will choose correct strategy for creation and further development of your web-project;
  • designers will choose a stylistic decision, taking into consideration previously conducted analysis, sphere of activity of your company, and also its positioning at the market;
  • technical specialists will conduct planning and creation of web-project on the basis of developed conception;
  • we also offer services in complete technical support of your web-project.

Technologies. Our specialists possess all modern technologies of web-project realization, among them are HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Flash, Flex, As1, As2, CSS, Ajax, Web-2.0.

Phased development. We offer stage-by-stage approach of web-projects realization, that enables to minimize project risks, enhance communication quality on a project. We mean:

  • Primary estimation, drafting and agreement of suggestion on realization;
  • Producing and concordance of graphic design-models of basic pages;
  • Programming;
  • Testing and mending;
  • Demonstration of working alternate design to a customer;
  • Project modifying on the customer’s remarks basis;
  • Primary filling by informative materials;
  • Work training with administration system;
  • Project launching;
  • Technical support.

Informative content management system. In order to achieve efficiency in web sites operation we have developed content management system - ABK-CMS. Here you can look on a copyright certificate on this product. System helps owner of web site to create and administer the informative filling without programming necessity. More detailed about ABK-CMS read in Solutions.

Realized projects. In times of our work we realized lots of successful web-projects; more detailed about projects you can read in our Portfolio. Our clients’ reviews speaks about successfulness of our projects.

Order. If you have decided to order web project development, you can contact us any comfortable method. Our specialists gladly will listen to your wishes and produce our proposed suggestion in the earliest date. Our contact requisites you can find in Contacts.