Successfully created and implemented web-portal for innovative managers - the innovations.

Successfully created and implemented web-portal for innovative managers - innovations.com.ua.

This project was created on initiative of Kyiv Mohyla Business School, and merge administrators who do positive changes in themselves and their companies.

ABK-Technologies developer’s team created innovations as an exclusive web-portal having created a user-friendly architecture developed on CMS Drupal basis. Top priority task was an increase of web-site attendance; increase ease of work and expansion of functional. While developing web-portal were used modules which helped to implement following possibilities:

  • Multilingual;
  • Flexible management of all informative blocks;
  • Expansion of possibilities of site materials creation;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Delivery;
  • Special services for users;
  • Extended users profiles;
  • RSS channels;
  • Podcast;
  • Forum and Blog;
  • Calendar of events and event subscription;
  • Conferences conducting;
  • Video installation;
  • Biography of site Authors and their publications notification;
  • Comments subscription for any material.

In general, project has three constituent parts, which contain equally useful and interesting information about different events, enlighten interesting materials from competent teachers, and also provides possibility to get knowledge in an interactive format – everything you need for acceleration of Ukrainian management development!

innovations is called to stimulate exchange with administrative experience for generating and distribution of innovative knowledge and ideas among interested mass of population, but useful and cognitive it will be for many other.