Investment adviser

Web-adviser will help confidently oriented in a stormy sea of financial innovations.

"Investment adviser" , web-adviser about investment activity issues, is successfully created and implemented. Web-adviser will help confidently oriented in a stormy sea of financial innovations. The experienced team of financial analysts will give an answer on all the questions related to investment strategies.

Interface of individualized financial web-service « Investment advisor» is easy in use. Informative part of web-site contains inexhaustible information about investments industry.

The main purpose of the project was to create powerful commercial web-resource, which will accomplish functions of personal web-adviser in the realm of investment activity with big amount of permanent users.

Optimal portfolio calculation consider as interesting development of this portal which give a possibility of optimal diversification among lots of investment funds which are managed by different asset management companies in Ukraine. We perform optimal diversification among the most liquid instruments of the Ukrainian fund market.

You may look at certificate which, actually, concerns this development - automation of optimal portfolios calculation taking into consideration risk-attitude factor.

Recently another development “zest” came into action and surely will be an invaluable helper for visitors of investment portal. We mean, a credit calculator - comfortable instrument for calculation of credit cost, subscription, repayments graphic and quantity of other parameters.

Thanks to credit calculator it is possible to define any key parameter of credit depending on the values of other parameters. For example, to get know the possible sum of credit coming from the possible term of redemption and admissible monthly payment for you or calculate the chart of payments for credit: annuity or payments by standard chart.