Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis

Program complex Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis is the specialized version of ABK-Technologies programs system, which is created for medical establishments automation activity.

Program complex ”Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis” is the specialized version of “ABK-Technologies” © programs system, which is created for medical establishments automation activity.

The complex informative system provides:

- Maintenance of the common automated Register of patients in all medical centers of CIS countries for people who are treated with monochannel preparations including treatment report, person physical characteristics, side effects and treatment results;

- Possibility for realization of centralized automated control of Registers maintenance by specialists of the Main medical center of CIS countries;

- Automated data acquisition from medical centers in unified data base “General registry on CIS countries”, obtain a possibility to form synthetic records about medical treatment and to receive an authorized access to the reports in Internet;

- Functioning of powerful international communication portal of monochannel preparations treatment program for experience exchange, patients informing, access and publishing of synthetic records about medical treatment.

Program complex consists of following functional components:

- the Local register of patients from medical center is provided medical center patients registry maintenance;

- the General patients registry accomplish automated data acquisition from Medical centers registries. Control of the entered information in Registers of medical establishments and medical treatment reports forming realized through the General patients’ registry;

- program communication center defines as Internet portal, which allow to realize General registry data access, publishing of useful information about treatment, which could be interesting for specialists and patients, intercourse between specialists, patients and preparation producers.

The architectural system is built in a following way:

  • local patients registry;
  • general registry;
  • program communication center.

The local appliqué of General registry provides collection and control of entered information in the Local registers. Information exchange between Local and General Registries realizes through Server appliqué, which possesses its own web-interface for reports forming and their publishing on Internet portal.

The used programming languages:





The used technologies for system creation:

-a server is built on Microsoft.Net 2.0. platform base;

-database server - on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 basis;

-a web server works on Apache Server and PHP basis for static pages presentation, IIS ( Internet Information Services) and ASP.Net - for quick data creation.

An opinion of our client, Il'dar Seytyag'yaev ( director of "Shering-Plough" representative office in Ukraine) about realization of program complex «Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis».