Software engineering is the application of computer sciences, project management, and other techniques to create software applications.

Computerized Hearing-Screening data base system

ABK-Technologies successfully implemented a program system of general database for newborn children, who have hearing defects, and watching over their entire continuing treatment process.


ABK-CMS (Control Management System) allows to simplify work with web-site content as much as possible.


ABK-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a system of automated products using bar code technology which gives an opportunity to automatize all store operations.


Bright example of realized finished product - complex automation of commercial facilities activity based on 1C: Enterprise - the development economic software platform.


System of the programs ABK-Medicine is created for automation of medical establishments activity.

For now ABK-Technologies developers team created two program complexes - "Telemedical Terminal program complex" and "Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis", which differ in their purpose, but equally are useful for using in medical institutions.

Telemedical Terminal program system (Telemedical Solution for medical centers)

Information system which provides necessary functions for the effective consultations in real time in telemedical network using video conferences systems and devices for broadcasting the information via Internet.

Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis

Program complex Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis is the specialized version of ABK-Technologies programs system, which is created for medical establishments automation activity.