Ltd. Ukrnaftohazinvest

The main activity Ltd. Ukrnaftohazinvest is the extraction of natural gas deposits in Western Ukraine. We have closely worked with ABK-Technologies since 2004 in the field of automation of the accounting system of our company. During this time experts of ABK-Technologies have developed and implemented the accounting information system software based on 1C: Enterprise 7.7 and 1C: Enterprise 8.1.

Due to these software products all areas of our accounting system, such as accounting, tax accounting, cost calculation, cash management, budgeting and others are fully automatized.

Also I want to highlight the development and implementation of corporate financial management system, developed and implemented by “ABK-Technologies”. This system significantly helped to improve the area of financial management and budgeting for our company.

“ABK-Technologies” currently provides high-quality operational support and maintenance of information system modules, develops and continues to work on the new projects that can provide cost-effective resources for our company.

Taking into account our cooperation experience, we have the honor to recommend “ABK-Technologies” as a reliable and competent partner in the field of automation.

CEO, Kozytskiy Zenoviy

“Ltd. Ukrnaftohazinvest”