Clients are the main value of our company. -technologies closely co-operate with the customers for the best study of their needs and desires for optimal satisfaction of their requirements. Our company is called to help clients to reach their aims in business. This section will help you to find the most acquaint you with our clients responses and also with the methods of how you can contact with us.


Nobody can deny that we live at time of dynamic IT development, and nobody will surprised by the fact that information, technologies and communications are among the most powerful means in modern society.

Customers support

To perform tasks which are closely connected with your success is our primary purpose!


ABK-Technologies consider partnership as one of the most essential aspects for durable collaboration.


Words of our clients are the most eloquent evidence of professionally executed work. Here is what they say:


We are glad to inform that ABK-Technologies (Lviv, Ukraine) has successfully developed and launched our sponsored project Register of patients with rheumatic arthritis for Ukrainian Rheumatologists Association.

Kiev Mohyla Business-school

Kiev Mohyla Business-school highly estimates the contribution of ABK-Technologies in realization of Internet project for innovative managers - innovations.

Ltd. Ukrnaftohazinvest

The main activity Ltd. Ukrnaftohazinvest is the extraction of natural gas deposits in Western Ukraine. We have closely worked with ABK-Technologies since 2004 in the field of automation of the accounting system of our company. During this time experts of ABK-Technologies have developed and implemented the accounting information system software based on 1C: Enterprise 7.7 and 1C: Enterprise 8.1.

Ltd. Energoinvest

The main activity Ltd. Energoinvest is the development and implementation of the energy projects based on clean and renewable energy. Our company works closely with the ABK-Technologies in the field of automation of software products based on 1C: Enterprise.